Colin's Blog

After being diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety, Colin found himself unable to cope with his problems as well as being affiliated with a mental illness. On one rainy night, he found himself about to jump off a bridge to end the pain he was experiencing. It was at that moment that he thought of the people he would hurt and leave behind – his wife and son – and knew that he could either choose to accept his mental illness, or to allow it to control and ruin his and his family’s life, along with all that he had worked for.

Soon after, he went to get psychological help to understand, accept and work against his condition. While using the psychologist’s recommended mobile apps during group sessions, he found the applications formal, bland and sterile. His experience with those apps, and the support and humor he received during group sessions, encouraged him to consider designing an effective and interesting app; one that engages their users to work towards being better and that promotes acceptance, positivity and understanding.

Since then, Colin has been giving presentations across the UK, representing DEpressON. He is also a patient voice for ORCHA, and an ambassador for World Health Innovation Summit. He has also received appraisal for his positive outlook of living with depression everyday, and for the concept of DEpressON.

Colin believes that accepting and working with your mental illness can give you hope, optimism and strength, in unexpected ways. With DEpressON, Colin wants to help people find themselves, improve their lives, and know that a mental illness is not the end, but only just the beginning.