We have got some good news for you! DEpressON is officially in association with ORCHA. But hey, you’re probably wondering what ORCHA is, and what role it plays in the designing of our app. Fear not, as we’ve written a blog post explaining the organisation, its history, and its association and importance in the building of DEpressON.

History and Mission of ORCHA

ORCHA, short for Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications, is an organisation in the United Kingdom, that focuses on the functionality and effectiveness of mobile applications in the field of healthcare and wellness.

It was founded by clinician in speech and therapist care, Liz Ashall Payne, after becoming interested in how health and care apps were being rated and ranked, and how this enabled clinicians to choosing and recommending the most suitable and supportive apps for their clients and patients.

ORCHA aims to carry out independent and impartial reviews of health and care related apps, and to present this information clearly through our website and professional platforms. Addtionally, ORCHA’s mission is to help deliver improved visibility of better and safer apps, by assisting and working with healthcare, the government, and developers of newly introduce and current mobile applications.

ORCHA’s Review Process

The process begins with an automated tool, that analyses the applications. The first step removes apps that are redundant, ones that have too many glitches and errors, and those that aren’t easily maintained. A great amount of those fail passing this step.

The next stage is a human review process. Remaining apps are filtered and put into respective categories. Each app is looked at and reviewed for its impact on well-being. Other features that are considered are whether the apps are self-manageable, can be prescribed to help the patient along with their treatment, or a control app that can help the clinician with their job performance.

Then, the functionality of the app is assessed. There’s not one area to review but several including data, clinical validity, the design and user feedback. The app is then given a value and risk score. Those scores are then sent to the app developer, and suggestions are given on how to improve their app’s value, while reducing the risk. Ultimately, those scores determine if they will be approved and liked by clinicians and users in the future.

Clinicians and patients can use ORCHA to compare multiple recommended applications, for effectiveness and value scores. This comparison is reliable, saves time-consumption and delivers a more suitable app, whilst considering the user’s individuality.


What’s next for DEpressON?

ORCHA will be assisting the DEpressON team in the design, promotion and development aspects. As ORCHA has valuable oversight and knowledge of the health and care app market, they will help and give opportunity to DEpressON in delivering something of higher value to users and professionals alike.

You can find ORCHA on their websiteFacebookTwitterYouTube and LinkedIn