Dearest followers and fans, hope you are all doing well!

In case you haven’t been up-to-date with our progress, or if you couldn’t keep up with the insane amount of PR and news appearances I have been a part of, here is what the team and I have been up to.

Honestly, our workshop did not generate the attendance we were expecting, and there were a lot of factors that affected that. As with every company’s or start-up’s first event or workshop, attendance is usually low. But this must not discourage us from our goal of making a difference in the lives of many, and in implementing a positive and ground-breaking app such as DEpressON. I’m happy to say that it was an incredibly productive brainstorming and team-building experience, where we took a few big steps: moving our ideas from paper to screen, focusing on securing funding, and developing plans and strategies.

Additionally, I have been attending meetings with various companies, organisations and associations in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and London, to speak about affiliating and getting sponsorship and support for the making of the app. I was part of a few conferences in the UK, where promoted DEpressON, spoke about my battle with depression, and connected with experts in the field of health and technology. I had interviews with news channels and radio stations, such as Health TV, and even spoke to Fathers Reaching Out, an organisation led by Mark Williams, supporting fathers who suffer from mood disorders and mental illness. You can find the full interview here.

I am also delighted to introduce a new member to our team – Giles – who has a tremendous amount of experience in app development, app market expectations, and health and technology industry. I also wrote a piece for the Consumer Health Digest, one of the most Googled and interesting websites which discuss and tackle issues and topics in health and well-being. You can read it here

Nowadays, every time I attend a conference or event, me and my app do not need the introduction, as we are immediately recognised. DEpressON’s appearance in the news and radio, and the buzz within the health and technology industry, as well as team’s collective work is further pushing the app into the spotlight. We are working efficiently and as quick as we can, to ensure the development and righteous launch of the app, bringing our ideas and user promises, to life.

We acknowledge that you, our followers, have high expectations of us, and we will deliver the best we can. You have a say in how this app can be, sending us messages and being part of the conversation on our Twitter. Keep an eye for some news in the next couple of days, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook too!


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